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Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead and Chris Munro

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As three members of the shuttle crew work outside the craft to repair the Hubble telescope, they have a catastrophic encounter with a field of space debris. Cut off from all communication with Houston ground control, novice astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone must master her terror and rely on instructions from her veteran flight companion, Matt Kowalski, if she is to survive.


Academy Awards History

Including his nomination this year for Sound Mixing for INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, this is the sixth Academy Award nomination for Skip Lievsay. He was previously nominated for:

TRUE GRIT (2010)

Nominee, Sound Editing

TRUE GRIT (2010)

Nominee, Sound Mixing


Nominee, Sound Editing


Nominee, Sound Mixing


These are the first Academy Award nominations for Niv Adiri and Christopher Benstead.


Including his nomination this year for Sound Mixing for CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, this is the fourth Academy Award nomination for Chris Munro. He was previously nominated for:


Winner, Sound

THE MUMMY (1999)

Nominee, Sound

Skip Lievsay: Thank you Academy members and thank you very much to our fearless leader, Alfonso, wherever you are. We want to thank you for your amazing, incredible vision and also for your incredible patience. We’d also like to thank David Heyman, Nikki Penny, Warner Bros., and our fantastic team of production sound people and post-production people who worked very hard on this movie. And I would like to thank my wife Elizabeth and my children, Miranda and Henry, wherever you are. I love you very much.

Chris Munro: And, of course, Sandra and George for bringing reality to the unreal. Chris and Niv would like to thank their families for bringing us all down to Earth. And right now, we’re over the moon.

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