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As three members of the shuttle crew work outside the craft to repair the Hubble telescope, they have a catastrophic encounter with a field of space debris. Cut off from all communication with Houston ground control, novice astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone must master her terror and rely on instructions from her veteran flight companion, Matt Kowalski, if she is to survive.


Academy Awards History

This is the second Academy Award nomination for Glenn Freemantle. He was previously nominated for:


Nominee, Sound Editing

Glenn Freemantle: Wow, my heart’s beating faster than Sandra’s. Obviously I’d like to thank Alfonso Cuarón for an amazing film, absolutely amazing film. Then the reason why I’m here is because he gave us such a great opportunity, all of us, and he brought us all together and he pushed us and he pushed us right into the middle of the night, sometimes longer, but it’s brilliant. And also I’d like to thank my crew, obviously, they worked so hard. And David Heyman and Warner Bros., they were 100% behind us and we couldn’t have done it without that commitment from everybody [unintelligible]. We were such a team on this film, and sort of had a big bond. And I’d like to thank everybody else on the film. I’d like to thank my wife Allison and my boys Danny, Nick and Ollie, and my crew. Thank you very, very much.

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