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Film Synopsis

A dying boy finds comfort in the tales of a magical land called HELIUM, told to him by the hospital janitor.


Academy Awards History

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Anders Walter.


This is the fifth Academy Award nomination for Kim Magnusson. He was previously nominated for:

HELMER & SON (2006)

Nominee, Short Film (Live Action)


Winner, Short Film (Live Action)


Nominee, Short Film (Live Action)

ERNST & LYSET (1996)

Nominee, Short Film (Live Action)

Anders Walter: Wow, this is crazy. I want to thank the Academy. And I want to thank the Short Branch for keeping this category in the show. It’s amazing. It’s an amazing window for new talents to show their film. I want to thank an amazing cast. A fantastic crew who did this film for no money at all, who just showed up and fell in love with this… this film. And I want to thank my family, I want to thank my beautiful wife, Ana, and my beautiful daughter, Clara. And I want to thank two great producers who’s always behind me. One is Tivi Magnusson and the other one is his son, this guy, Kim Magnusson.

Kim Magnusson: I just want to take a quick note and thank everybody who keeps on making the shorts. Our fellow nominees, thank you, congratulations to all. And then I would like to thank my wife, Rebecca, my four kids, and for my mother… this is for you. I know you’re watching at home, sick. So this is for you, Mom.

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Short Film (Live Action)