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As three members of the shuttle crew work outside the craft to repair the Hubble telescope, they have a catastrophic encounter with a field of space debris. Cut off from all communication with Houston ground control, novice astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone must master her terror and rely on instructions from her veteran flight companion, Matt Kowalski, if she is to survive.


Academy Awards History

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Steven Price.

Thank you. Thank you, Academy. Thank you so very much. Alfonso, I share this with you. You inspired every frame of this film and certainly every note that I ever wrote. Thank you for this remarkable opportunity. To all the musicians and friends who lent their talents to this score, thank you. I get to stand here, but this really belongs to all of us. Thank you to all at Warner Bros. and thank you to GSA, everyone on this film for their incredible support. One of the amazing things about working on this film is that in telling the story of Ryan Stone we got to ultimately bring her home and celebrate life and this is dedicated to the people with whom I share my life—my family. Thank you, Mum, Dad, Jenny—sorry I made so much noise when I was growing up. My wife, Gemma, our lovely children, Amy and Eva. Thank you so much.

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