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Sisters Elsa and Anna enjoy an idyllic life in the enchanted kingdom ruled by their parents until Elsa's magical ability to create ice and snow around her proves a threat to those she loves. Emerging for her own coronation after several years of self-imposed isolation, Elsa flees her home in distress when her uncontrollable powers transform the kingdom into a frozen realm.


Academy Awards History

This is the second Academy Award nomination for Chris Buck. He was previously nominated for:

SURF'S UP (2007)

Nominee, Animated Feature Film


These are the first Academy Award nominations for Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho.

Jennifer Lee: We’re gonna do this together because we’re collaborative, but we’ll be fast.

Peter Del Vecho: First, we want to thank each and every person at Walt Disney Animation Studios, our family. We are so proud of you for making the film as magical as it is. And we’re bringing this home to you.

Jennifer Lee: And for our personal families and dearest friends, thank you so much for supporting us through this hard work. And for really being our inspiration.

Chris Buck: And finally we’d like to dedicate this to our guardian angel, that’s my son, Ryder Buck. Thank you, Ryder.

Jennifer Lee: Thank you.

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