Nominee News, Insider Updates and the Oscar Scoop
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones’ first nomination resulted in her winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in CHICAGO. Read More
  • Oscar audiences and Academy Award-winning presenter Shelley Winters were startled when a strange man ran on stage and took over the mic. Read More
  • Billy Crystal welcomes the attendees to the 62nd Academy Awards, his first stint as Oscar host. The 84th Academy Awards Show marked his ninth time as Oscar host. Read More
  • Did You Know - Well Said
    • By Oscar Insider
    THE KING’S SPEECH, a historical drama about King George VI and his speech therapist, garnered four Academy Awards, including the directing Oscar for Tom Hooper and the Original Screenplay Oscar for David Seidler, who also suffered from a speech impediment in his younger years. Read More
  • Did You Know - Julie Andrews
    • By Oscar Insider
    Relative unknown Julie Andrews lost the lead role in MY FAIR LADY to movie star Audrey Hepburn, even though Andrews originated the part on Broadway. Read More
  • Did You Know - Still Hot
    • By Oscar Insider
    Billy Wilder is one of only five people to win Academy Awards as the writer, directer and producer of the same film. Read More
  • Vivien Leigh received her Oscar for Best Actress in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 3 months after the Oscars ceremony. Read More