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Modern Family Goes to the Oscars

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Cam and Mitch’s Oscar Party Menu

If you think Wolfgang Puck’s spread at The Governors Ball will be extraordinary, then you haven’t heard about Cam and Mitch’s award-winning plans for their Oscar Party. Modern Family’s Cameron Tucker knows a thing or two about Oscar-worthy performances, especially after accepting the lead role in his theatre troupe’s production of Cats. So, in honor of the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th on ABC, Cam and Mitch would host a lavish affair to honor the nominees, to celebrate their own fabulousness, and to pose some serious competition for Wolfgang.

Champagne Cocktail

Red Carpet Bellini 

In the awards ceremony of cocktails, this one would steal the show. This bubbling beverage, made with sparking rose and raspberry liquor, is a vision in red – the perfect prop for all of the couple’s festively dressed guests.

Fashion Police Mimosa

Let’s face it, Cam would consider the Oscar red carpet pre-show equally as important as the awards ceremony itself. Led by fashion mavens Longinus and Jeoux, the Modern Family entourage would sip on these sorbet-laden mimosas as they rated the best and worst dressed.

Small Plates

Oysters Mignonett

Top notch finger foods are the name of the game at the couple’s over-the-top Oscar soiree. Male waiters, hired by Mitch and Cam, would carry tray-passed hors d’oeuvres directly to the guests. Making the rounds tonight are delicate raw oysters dressed in a simple red wine sauce and sprinkled with shallot.

Roasted Dates with Pancetta, Almonds, and Chile

Wolfgang Puck’s bacon-wrapped dates don’t hold an Oscar to Cam’s roasted dates with pancetta. This savory dip is served on homemade crostinis, which Cam would have trimmed in the shape of Oscars. After completing a vegan cooking class, Cam would decide to do away with “facon,” and spring for pancetta for a classy crispness.

Tuna Tartare

While Cam has been known to make a mess in the kitchen with his “experimental cooking,” as Mitch says, one of his creations would be this elegant tuna delicacy. Sushi-quality tuna is combined with ripe avocado and a touch of soy sauce, and served on a homemade wonton crisp.

Smoked Salmon Crème Fraiche Pizza

Have a miniature apron on hand when assembling this smoked salmon flatbread, as Cam would employ sous chef Lily to top the pizzas with a generous dose of crème fraiche and a liberal sprinkling of capers and onions. Feeling extra decadent? Grate a touch of black truffle on top for an outrageous finish.

 Poached Shrimp Cocktail

Poached in a classic white wine mixture, these luscious shrimp are a lighter pick for those watching their waistlines. So go ahead, Cam, and toss out your fat pants, again, because you will have no use for them after nibbling on these suckers.


Espresso Crème Brule

Rich custard is covered with a thin layer of caramelized sugar in these individually-portioned crème brulee desserts. Cam would purchase his own blow torch and safety goggles to properly finish each of the dishes for his guests.

Assortment of Bite-Size Treats: Alongside Cam’s specialty crème brulee, Mitch would assemble an assortment of bite size treats, including ricotta cannolis, mini tartlets, and fried Italian doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce, for guests to nibble on as the awards ceremony winds down and the night comes to a close.

For the recipes for the cannolis, tartlets, and doughnuts:

Ricotta Cannolis

Mini Tartlets

Fried Italian Doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce

Chocolate Bark

Unlike nominees that go home empty-handed, everyone leaves Mitch and Cam’s Oscar celebration with a treat. Using leftover goodie bags from Lily’s birthday parties, Cam and Mitch would pack homemade milk and dark chocolate bark as a parting gift for their guests. Whether they dive in on the car ride home or the following day, the couple’s guests will be reminded of their festive night of celebrating with each decadent bite. By the end of the evening, Cam and Mitch’s academy will forget all about the Governors Ball and RSVP yes to the couple’s Oscar’s party again next year.


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