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  • Did you Know - Almost Famous
    • By Oscar Insider
    Cameron Crowe won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his Seventies era film about a band on the verge of stardom, ALMOST FAMOUS, at the 73rd Academy Awards. He also directed the film which earned both Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand Oscar nominations in the Best Supporting Actress category. The image is of Cameron Crowe accepting his Oscar at the 73rd Awards. Visit Oscar History... Read More
  • Natalie Portman intensively trained with Mary Helen Bowers, a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, for her role as Nina in BLACK SWAN. Read More
  • Actors Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana will host the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards. Read More
  • Did You Know – Teamwork
    • By Oscar Insider
    At the 71st Academy Awards in 1999, Spielberg went home with the Best Director Oscar for his work in the movie. Read More
  • In WALK THE LINE, Reese Witherspoon, who plays June Carter, learned how to sing and play an instrument over a period of six months. Read More
  • Did You Know - Tom Hanks
    • By Oscar Insider
    Tom Hanks belongs to a small group of actors who have won consecutive Academy Awards. He won Best Actor for PHILADELPHIA in 1994 and FORREST GUMP in 1995.   The image is from the 66th Academy Awards.   Visit Oscar History for more Academy Awards trivia.   FOLLOW THE ACADEMY www.oscars.org www.facebook.com/TheAcademy www.twitter.com/TheAcademy www.youtube.com/Oscars See... Read More
  • Sophia Loren took home the 1961 Best Actress award for her performance in the Italian film "Two Women". Read More